Where is Master Joseph

Hello to all the readers of this blog


It has been a while since I made posts regularly



I hope that the previous post that I made a couple of days ago will open up the path to some interesting texts in the coming months



As you probably have noticed from this long hiatus, the inspiration to write has been little to none, due to a series of events that happened during the first semester



I made a change in my previous way of recruiting slaves


In fact, I had stopped doing it almost completely


Since the beginning of the year, I set myself to dedicate to the ones I have trained in the past, with the idea in mind of working towards the evolution of those I have initiated on this path



I split the year in four parts, each taking a trimester and offered that time for the four slaves that came first


The rule I set for myself was that, in case of any cancellation, there would be no last hour replacements to take their place



The dates and slaves where set during the first trimester, leaving the final details closer to the dates of the visit


As you can probably guess, things didn’t go as planned


The first scheduled to come in the first three months had an accident and was forced to cancel the period he had set



When you have no constraints regarding who you take, it is easy to find other ones to take up the missing spots


But when you set such limits, you end up locked with no fun for a long time



Nevertheless, I had scheduled a visit from a foreign slave that entertained me for a little while


Besides him, I got an offer from an old acquaintance to do his slave initiation, which I accepted


That event was fruitful enough for me to offer him a second and more intense training period that he was able to only complete halfway, to my disappointment


I still harbour the hope that one day, when he has solidified his desires and expectations towards slave life, he will return to finish what he started



On the second trimester, things didn’t go any better


In fact it was worse, making me think very carefully if I would ever again train portuguese slaves



The score of the first semester ended with a negative grade and a further evaluation of my place in this game will have to be done by me in the near future


This semester and up to this date, has proved itself inspiring enough for me to start writing again, but a report about that will be done at the end of the year when I close the review of all that is still to happen



As for future posts, I will continue working on them with a couple of themes already selected


One of them has already written but still under proofread, so keep posted





Master Joseph