I am a Portuguese BDSM Master based in Lisbon, where I practise for many years my skills in slave training



In my trainings every individual I accept is a fresh challenge


There is no 'one size fits all' philosophy in my world



Over time, each potential slave gave me a gaze inside their dreams and desires


As well as their trust in me and in my abilities



I would have liked to say that all have succeeded in their trainings


I cannot say that to be the truth


But I gave all of them something of worth



I did not give them what they wanted


Instead, I gave them the knowledge to go beyond


Deeper than they had gone before


That ishas been my path as a slave trainer



I share here the knowledge that I have acquired with those that are willing to seek me out


To those that want to take the next step in their slave life


And are searching for the strength to face the path ahead



The site may be new, but the words in it are not


They predate this format, perhaps shown more polished way


If curious, you may find its content on this location




As what motivates me, I may guide you here for further detail