My place as a Master

As a player of the Game, I present myself here as a Master to all slaves that wish to take the step into making a Contract of servitude to me


I am also providing info to those that require it, being masters or slaves, as I see this blog as an opportunity to open terrain to those taking the first steps in either direction


I will not comment here about what is required to be a Master or what makes a good or bad Master in my point of view



Every master is unique in its own way


The only thing in common is the gear we use and the fact that we train slaves



The info on this blog serves to show you a little bit more about me and my way of thinking



But there is more to me and what I do than I can write here


It is up to you to discover for yourself if you can take that step one day



Now, how do I describe myself



I’m a nice guy… in a sadistic twisted way


I consider myself a balanced man, playful and easy to get along



I am versed in many subjects and able to keep your interest, if you are open to discuss things with an open mind



I enjoy myself training slaves


Making them accept this path and all that comes with it



I am not a master for a living


I have a regular job with a regular life and a partner to live it with


I have other occupations that take up my time, besides BDSM


Nevertheless, I am a Master when I play this part



I immerse myself in this role, forgetting pains, tiredness, problems and doubts, making my slaves the only focus of my mind for the duration of the training period



I am extremely committed to what I set forth to achieve, even sometimes forgetting my own limits and objectives



My main motivation for doing slave training is the exploration of feelings and emotions of the mind of a slave


Finding out what he likes and dislikes, playing with emotions and mixing them until all barriers are broken



This is to me more challenging than doing basic things, such as whipping flesh or fucking a helpless slave


I prefer doing that to one that wants to do it



For me


To prove to me and to himself that he can do it



My place is to set the burning ground for you to walk on


And to hold you after you’ve achieved it



My work requires interaction on a more profound and intimate nature


Something that cannot be achieved with mere ropes and chains



As a Master, I am a slave tamer


I make my slaves surrender by their own will


And they enjoy doing so



I have been doing this part for quite a while


Perhaps too long


But I am good at it



I seek out new challengers to play this Game with me


Want to play


See my profile on Recon