Angel in Chains

First, a presentation


I am Master Joseph



My Stats


Male, Gay, Top, 43y, 1,80m , 65kg, Teacher,  Master



My Experience


15+ years, 200+ slaves, 500+ sessions performed


I am looking for slaves to train and own



I offer a Contract


The strongest bond between a slave and a Master


A Contract where I offer my teachings in exchange for your servitude and submission



I do not seek rebellious slaves that expect me to fight with them to see who is stronger


I fight for life


Everything else is a waste of time and a source of damage



I do not offer a lover relationship


I offer an s&M relationship



I hurt the ones I love


And I love slaves



I see a slave as someone that needs moulding


I do not see a slave as an object of possession


As a doll to dress up and show off


Or as a punching bag to vent my anger on



I do not seek to be above you


Or below you



I am



True in my everyday form


And so will you


I seek to free you from your bonds


From your fears



I am a caring Master


I care for my slaves



I want your well-being and have your safety always in mind


I want to see you grow in my hands


But to do that, you will not have an easy path with me



As it is my duty to give shape to what you are


Because no one else will



I will make you stronger 


In mind as well as in body



I do not offer punishment


I offer knowledge



I do not need slaves


But you need training



And I can be your Master if you take this step



Open your wings and fly to me


I will make you my angel in chains