A piece of the Game: The Slave

It is the most interesting part in this Game


A part with multiple faces and different needs


Each has its own reason to search for this



Here are some of the ones that I have encountered


– To be away from everything


– A challenge


– Too much power in life


– To give without restraints


– Seeking punishment for past deeds


– Feeling worthless


– Trying to find your place



Whatever the reason may be, may it be one of these, all of these or none of these, you have found yourself in the slave’s path


There is no need to explain why or to provide your identity



You are a slave


Only one more slave


A Slave



Your heart races for being bound and placed helpless, for the excitement of the unknown


You feel stimulated like in no other occasion, where even a single touch can give you shivers



Time seems not to pass


The world outside does not exist



Your body is open


Your mind is exposed


There is no need to think, just to act



To submit



To be a slave, you must serve


To place your trust in a man



Like you


Above you


Below you



A Master


To risk it all for that one moment


Each one places different values to things and experiences


A bottle of water can be worth more than a bag of money in the middle of the desert


A single lesson with a good teacher can teach you more than a ton of books



Make your bet, play the Game and discover for yourself