Free for all

Things exist as they are


You have your own identity, history and wishes that you desire to fulfil



As for me, my menu and the way I do it are part of the “me” in this scenario



I do this game not for the notches of the number of slaves that come, but for the challenges they have to offer me and the enjoyment I can get out of doing it




I have nothing to win in taking you


It is you who has most to benefit from doing it



My game, my terms, as follows



For those coming from afar to be trained



My place as a Master


A new Path: My offer


Slave Contract for indoor slaves


The Menu – Explained


The half empty experience



If after reading these posts you expect to make me bend my own rules just to accommodate your needs, them be prepared offer me something of worth for the time and patience I will have to spend with you



You may consider me arrogant for saying this straight out, but as you are entitled to your views I am entitled to mine and only if both views converge will I have you



As a starting point your value to me is zero, even if you look pretty and available


The more you deviate on what I seek, the less interest I have in taking you


I expect you to be aware of how I see BDSM and that your view matches mine, or that at least you are receptive to it



If you come with the idea of “I want just to try out a short session without any compromise on my end”, I am surely not the master you may be seeking


My goal is long-term, more than just a fluke, with the minimum training period what I have already written in the previous posts



That period is a term of commitment on you to learn enough of what it means to be a slave in my hands



I will not take children, small or big ones



I take Men


Strong, resilient, assertive and highly motivated, capable of enduring any task to the end, liking it or not


As you will only understand what happens when the lesson ends and you have time to digest all that you saw and felt


And not before that



If you enjoy it or not is not my concern


My only concern is for your safety and that you learn all that you can while you are with me, as further events may never happen again



The offer is not for a drug&sex orgy, a dress-up party, or a sightseeing trip



I am and will be the main event, with you being my stage


Where you will be scraped to the point of shining so bright as the sun itself


And you will lose yourself looking at what you became in that moment



It is not something for the faint of heart or for a quick hasty decision



Some things take time to happen


My training is one of them (not into the usual “available, want it now”. As for that question the answer will always invariably be a polite “no, not interested”)




If it is worth it on not it is up to you to decide, reading this site and the book, asking, re-reading, re-asking, re-re-reading, re-re-asking until you are sure this is what you want



I am a patient and reachable Master, so feel free to talk and explain the doubts that remain in your mind


I do not discriminate with age, sexual preferences, race, experience or health status



But never forget my own goals



You are free to play your game, but you come to play mine



Think and act as such


And you will get my attention