The half empty experience

It is to be expected that whatever happens in any experience to be half of what you draw up in your mind



It is true that I do not fit what you would define as your perfect objective in a Master/session experience



Here are some, just to name a few



I am partnered (so not available to be boyfriend+Master)



I am neither defined, big or muscled


There goes the idea of the bigger than the world Master that can lift you with a finger



I do not live in a space where I can unleash all the abilities I possess


No dungeon/castle/farm to keep you forever hidden from the world



I am not fetish motivated or dress up for the part I play


Sorry but not a leather dressed Master



I do not parade slaves or find any need of exposure


Too closed up country for that



I will always fulfill what is agreed between us and play within borders I do not cross for anyone


So not into the cruel Master or the breeding slave scenarios



I will let you go at the end of the contract, unless that contract has no date to end


So no immediate permanent ownership on first encounter



Nevertheless there were no limitations to stop me from playing all the way with my slaves and from giving it all when the time came



The only limitation that ever arose were those of the slaves themselves, as all that I advertise I am able to provide to the fullest extent possible without permanent harm inflicted or your safety being under risk



Up to this moment I have never met a slave that was perfect in every sense, physically and mentally or that didn’t hide a skeleton in his wardrobe



In the end I don’t care what you think about the experience I provided and what you can take with you from what you lived, either good or bad memories



I am here to give you an experience that helps you grow high enough to be able to take the next step in your life



It is true that I can be more than what I offer



But you are what you are and some steps can be so big that the abyss is the only destination you will find



I have already found too many broken vases in this path to have the interest in making more of them



Instead of spending your time counting the ways in which I cannot fit your image of a Master or the expectations you had, it would be a much better exercise to retrace every event you lived under my rule and learn from the many teachings I gave, specially those where no words were spoken



Some of them are so subtle that you may only be able to understand it several years later when you have the correct mindset to grasp it



Accept the experience in its fullest instead of the classic pain/pleasure duality



There is much more to this game than meets the eye