Merry Christmas from the box

My name is slave



My full name is Master Joseph’s slave



I was born under His embrace and transformed by His hands into what I am today



He is my sole family



My father, my brother, my friend, my owner



I am shaped by His every action and every action I do in this life is for him and to please him



I am no longer a person but a possession



I have a name, but I no longer recognize it as it does not fit my purpose in this life



I live to serve, in every way possible, in every second of my life, from the moment I awake until the time I sleep



I am stripped of all possessions



My body is bare of clothing, jewelry and fur



I keep my Master’s symbols on me as a constant reminder that I am His and that I cannot and will not escape from my choice



I keep my body clean, shaped and shaved as a sign of respect for the part I play in my Master’s life and gratefulness for this chance



My greatest pleasure is knowing that I am able to please him



My greatest pain is my own impediments trying to stop the fulfillment of my role in this life



My Master holds the key that keeps me locked but it is not that that binds me



That was my gift for all the time and patience He offered me until I became a true slave in my Master’s eyes



I continuously grow under his guidance as I am shown my own limitations, how to overcome them and how to achieve satisfaction in every action I do for Him



My Master is not my punisher



I do that by my own hands unfortunately



My Master binds my hands and feet to keep me safe, but even so I require some persuasion to be in my proper place



I became an important piece in my Master’s life not because He needs it, but because I need to feel I have a purpose



He gave me a space for my body to rest and a set of objectives to direct my life to.



Even in my dreams He is always present



His chain accompanies me and I feel him near even in my solitude



For this reason I have to be good at what I do so I can remain in this place in time and space to accept the offering I am being given



Not all is play



There are many mundane tasks that I have to do but it is a small price to pay for my Master to have the time to be with me and show me the world under such a small space



I am not weak nor took this part to be weak



It took a lot of strength and sacrifices to arrive to this place and forego all that I had built as a life



As time has passed under his tutelage, I have become stronger in my determination, becoming able to control my urges and fears and stronger in body as I am forced to continue sculpting my body to his satisfaction



But even after all this effort, my breath falters and my knees shake as He touches this body of mine



I am not the only one in my Master’s life, but the space He gives is more than enough to accommodate me and my needs



I am happy for that



I am only a slave



But I say so not with shame but with pride



I thank my Master for the chance to be just that, to be detached from all distractions and being able to live my life focused on being just one thing and being good at what I do, being able to bear the fruits of my hard work in my Master’s smile and the feeling of his touch on my head as I stand between his legs while He rests



I await the moment when I will be allowed to serve Him again



I bid you goodnight and may your wishes come true