Tales by the fire

Here we are again wrapped in darkness, with only the stars to keep us company



Don’t stay so far behind



Come and join me by the fire so you are not cold



Lean next to me and let us share our bodies warmth




This is one of my favorite spots, away from all the commotion of the day to day, away from all the noise and distractions that trap us constantly



The silence is our companion in this beautiful night, as well as the memories of what has happened on this year that is ending



A lot seems to have changed in so many levels, both in my normal life and on my Master life



I have lived new jobs, met new people, new ideas and faced many challenges, some of which were more troublesome than I imagined, but that made me grow beyond what I was before



Many things I have learned and many are still to be processed as I reflect upon them




In my Master life, it has been not that different



Even with less time dedicated to it, the experiences explored went deeper than before that I share with you




I made a bet on a future permanent slave that did not go as planned with him disappearing half way through the training, with a chain on his neck and a cage in his possession, with no contact afterwards



I was worried about what happened to him but saw him resurfaced in the usual places some weeks ago



I was relieved, but sad for a chance lost on a promising student




Regarding my current slaves, I enjoyed taking them through another step in their slave’s life, taking the fruits of what was planted a long time ago




For some it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and for others there will be more in the coming years



Nothing is certain in this life except that it will end one day



For all that comes in between we must be thankful, as every experience we live is a chance to grow into something better than we were before



This world may be big, but even so it did not prevent us from meeting, if not by flesh but by mind, here, beneath this bright dark sky, gathered next to this fire that warms our hearts



Thank you for being there next to me in this moment




Have a happy new year


Best regards


Master Joseph