A naked body awaits me in the room



In my hands I bring little



Towel, bowl and shaving equipment



There is no need for conversation



There are no chains, gags or ropes to secure and restraint



Time ticks setting the pace of what happens



I plug the machine and it buzzes as I turn on the switch



It is noisy, but that can’t be helped



Hair starts falling down slowly on the body



As my hands take turns removing



All the lumps that stand in its path



Chunk by chunk



It all goes away



The beard follows the same route



Getting swept by the wind of my will



A clean face presents itself



With glowing eyes looking up to me



All the effort in cleaning, styling and grooming



All the pride and identity



Given by that amount of fur and hair



Dropped on the floor



Lost and missed



A kiss is exchanged for the offering given


A first step in this journey



Many steps still left to be taken



The body lies on the table



Water and foam cover it



Waiting for the blade to touch the skin



Waiting to remove all that stands in its path



First on one side, followed by the next



Little by little



All the dirt disappears



The body now presents itself



In its most original way



Pure and innocent



Like it came into the world



The scars of time are there



With nothing left to hide it



But they bear as much meaning



As a drop of soiled water


Diluted in the river



Not able to change the taste



Of the water we drink



Even time seems



to not have passed by it



Waiting for the moment to be taken



This body became



A white canvas in my eyes



To write my words over it



To be shaped by my desire



To gain new form and motion



In the place where it will stand



As my masterpiece for all to see



And this is the gift I take



Wrapped under my arms



That I welcome into my life