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From time to time I get some curious messages from slaves stating that they are what I want because they are perfect in every sense, from pedigree to the education they acquired, ready to be forever owned



So I leave you with my Christmas list in the hopes you are able to fill them with all that you are right now:






Blue eyes


Body type defined with less than 10% fat


100% passive


No hair on their body


In the 35-50 age range


Disease free


Physically and mentally healthy


A master of either yoga or a martial art


Very good cook


Fully compliant


Able to hold a chastity cage for long periods of time


Able to orgasm from anal penetration


Free from all mundane connections


No tattoos on their body


No allergies


Able to not speak for long periods of time


Able to endure isolation for several days in a row


Able to cry under my tortures and torments




If you are able to fill every item in the list, then congratulations. You may apply for the place I have stored for you in the box I made as my permanent slave, to forever be locked to my chain



If you don’t fit these requirements, don’t despair



I have a place for you in my training list as all the slaves that came before



As long as you are able to fit my minimum requirements and have a true desire to take what I can offer, I will be happy to offer you a chance to become what I want, step by step, until you can take that place by my side



There are no easy paths in my game, no exceptions to offer anyone that is not in my list, so don’t ask for what you are not entitled to



You may find yourself perfect but step down from your horse



You may think you are a slave, but you can only be one if you serve



To do that know your place



It is there I will pick you from the rest