Dearly departed

We are gathered here to honor those that have been lost along the way



They came to us with with their cute pictures, an eloquent dialog and demonstrating their desire and commitment to become what we wanted



But on the smallest and most insignificant detail, their interest was lost and never again found



We pray in front of their closed casket



There is no body to mourn for, no face to remember, no words to say on their respect and nothing to remember them for



They will not be missed



Their destination is the sands of time, where everyone’s footsteps is erased by the passing wind



I would like to say something for them, but nothing comes to mind



All that I can verbose is that a good chance was lost, to meet and to change everything in our world



But all remains the same in both our paths and nothing will ever change in your forgotten way



So all I can do now is put your coffin to the earth, filled with my hopes and expectations of a new future for you



I am neither happy or sad



Life is as it is



Another will take the path you neglected



I say my final words over your unmarked grave and leave you in the same place you came from



Ashes to ashes



Dust to dust