My place as a Master – Rules of My Game

After some time playing this Game, one thing that you discover very easily is what you want and don’t want to do


Here is my small list for your entertainment



What doesn’t work


Language barriers


Being unable to communicate makes it extremely difficult to do a session



Emotional barriers


If there is no feedback them I am training a statue



Lock & Go


Coming for me to tie you up and leave you there


If you want, you may do that alone with self locking equipment


No need for me to be in that scene



Vanilla sex


Either you come to be trained or to be fucked


I don’t train slaves to fuck them


That happens obviously, but it is contextualized, sometimes for the pleasure of neither of us



Permanent damage and unsafe


I pass on the subject



Dress codes


There is nothing more beautiful than a naked body


Specially one sweaty and all tied up



Second chances


If it doesn’t work the first time, no point in trying again


Less time wasted on both sides



Drugs (legal or not)


Here enters again the emotional barriers


If you don’t feel or you are numb, where is the fun of it


I offer various levels of endurance for my slaves and I can tell to what point you can go without breaking down



Blind dates


Name, current photo, phone number are a requirement


A name to call you in public when we meet


A photo to know whom am I going to meet


A phone number in case of an emergency or for visual aide when I pick you up is always nice



I don’t care about your present or past life


If you want so bad to quit it then it isn’t worth much in my eyes



What I don’t tolerate




Specially in terms of physical condition and age


I care that you are fit enough to be able to endure certain types of exercises as well as guaranteeing your personal safety in term of equipments and structures


See if you can properly define your bodily proportions on your profile





Either it is yes or no


Keeping me in suspense only serves to waste my time and makes me lose any interest I may have in you



Uninformed slaves


 If you are looking to be trained and someone says he does a specific practice, for example catheters, then you better know that someone is going to put some shit through your penis


In the old days your only point of information would be books and those would be hard to come by


Nowadays you can find almost everything on the internet


Make some effort in your own interest and do some research before doing it



Yes becomes No


One moment you’re interested in doing something and then you say no


After you’re tied up, you may discover very painfully if you are dealing with a good Master or a bad Master


If you don’t want it, don’t ask for it


if you do, explain that you have never tried it but would like to take the chance to see if you like it or not


No harm there





I don’t offer slaves for sex with others


I’m selfish


I want you all for me


What’s the point of having exclusivity over you, if I have to share you with others





I don’t pay to have slaves


You may be very pretty and able to do anything for me… for a price


But if I can get the same for free, what is the point of paying


Perhaps you should be paying me instead for the time you are making me waste on you



Last minute cancellations


There are no second chances


Provide me a timely warning with proper justification and you may get a new try


No warning means no more tries



Endless chats and cam


 Do it or don’t do it


I don’t mind showing myself if required, specially for foreign slaves


But I demand reciprocity


If you are a local slave, then meet me face to face on neutral ground and we may talk


Chatting may be nice, but the moment I know you are only interested in talking then my interest starts going away


My time online is limited, so I try to make the best of it