The s&M Relationship

This is probably the dream of every slave



There isn’t a set of rules in terms of what happens and how it will work


It is up to the Master & slave to define how this will function



The relationship exists when there is a connection that is maintained between the slave and the Master, for a longer period than a couple of weeks


There are two distinct categories than can be mixed



The outdoor slave


Set for regular meetings, free to have a personal life but bound by an external element to maintain the connection


Usually a collar, chastity device, blackmail, etc.



The indoor slave


A resident of the house of the Master, and usually goes around being a toy and/or a servant for Him



As in any relationship, it takes two to maintain it


For those considering the possibility of offering/wanting an indoor slave, there are things you must consider



For a master, having a permanent slave demands time, dedication and resources as you will have another mouth to feed, even if it will be just table scraps


Besides that,  you also have to know that the longer you have a slave, the less are his abilities to rejoin the “normal” world


Another aspect to consider is that if you have the slave in your house, how will you present the slave to your visitors, specially non s&M friends and family


Beyond all this if you want to maintain him, there are health aspects that will be required even if all goes well



For a slave, being a permanent resident means that you subject yourself to your Master desires


There is no turning back


As you lose yourself in His hands, your grasp of reality changes


Nothing you did will seem real and it may not seem real again when you return


At the same time, there are questions regarding your “normal” life that you will have to tend to from time to time, such as personal events (family, bank, health checks) among other things



This decision is not something to take lightly either way


You have to be sure you REALLY want to be/to have a slave



Another aspect to consider is how you will be able to maintain the part of slave/Master for a long period of time


As time progresses there is the tendency to forget the parts being played and the s&M slowly dissolves into just being a relationship where there is occasional hard play


As such, for the relationship to be maintained in the original context, a set of rules must be maintained, properly formalized in the form of the Contract stipulating the roles and the conditions for the relationship to happen and the acceptance of both parties



All aspects should be considered, so take your time to set things right before making it happen


Remember that although you will be Master & slave, you are both human



There are flaws in everyone, some easy to fix and other not so easy


And both may discover things that you don’t like



The s&M relationship offers nevertheless a chance for unbound discovery and surrender


Where you will be in contact with your most basic self exposed to the other part, him being the Master or the slave



As layers are peeled you will find your true role



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