The true Slave

He accepts the mu, the emptiness


Devoid of desires and fears



He has no identity


He has no place of origin and no place to return to



He follows the six paths, the samsara


Accepting what he finds



His only desire is to serve


His only fear is not serving again



His favorite bondage is the Contract



He feels


He does not care what he feels, but for whom he feels



He feels pleasure


Pleasure in serving Him



He loves


He loves His Master


For that Love he sacrifices everything



He has nothing


He cares for nothing


His only care is his Master



He is a soldier


He follows orders


Any order


All orders


He complies



He is unbound by standards


He is bound by His wish



He lives to serve


He serves



He knows that this road will guide him until his death or to his death


He does not care for the cause



He cares for the path


He believes in that choice



He is a Slave



He is Free



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