A new Path: My offer

Every slave seeks a Master



If you have read the remaining of this blog and my words have touched you


Then perhaps what I offer can fulfil your desire



To become a slave


My slave



I do not have the expectation that you are able to satisfy my notion of a true Slave


But I will train you to become better in what you do



To become what you seek, there is a price to be paid



A proof


A proof of loyalty


A proof of submission


A proof of ownership



A collar



To be worn for the duration of your Contract



The form, shape and location of the collar is debatable as long as


– it cannot be removed by you


– it can hold my lock



If no objections are risen, then it will be my choice


A chain around your neck



The duration can be one of the following


– 1 weekend


– 1 week


– 1 month



Each phase accomplished will grant you a new one


In each, there will be a different Contract


With different rules, presented prior to your visit



It is up to you to decide if you want to go to the next phase or to continue facing the same duration


I have no expectations regarding that



The training period will follow the order mentioned above


The chance to be My slave and servant permanently comes under very special terms


There is no point in ever asking me that until your training is complete



Only then, will you be able to understand what it truly means to be a slave


And the rewards and expectations that come from being one



I train slaves to perfect them, not to own them


But I will only own those that I train



You will have to come to me by your own means


Food and lodging will be provided for the duration of the training



If you can complete the training periods to my satisfaction, I will offer you one trip a year to visit me



Only those that fit the requirements that I have stated will be accepted



I am not here to give you what you want


I am here to show you what you need to know


I am here to take you and guide you



If you desire casual play, then you have plenty more offers of masters out there


But you will not have mine



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