The slave’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Bill of Rights


A slave is entitled to have the following rights


– The right to have an identity and a life other than that of a slave


– The right to have desires, fears and feelings


– The right to have your physical and mental well being


– The right to have possessions of your own


– The right to love and be loved


– The right to belong to someone


– The right to set the boundaries of any relationship you take


– The right to submit by your own free will


– The right to your privacy


– The right to say no


– The right to fail


– The right to quit


– The right to relinquish all of your rights



Bill of Responsibilities


A slave who assumes a Contract must fulfill the following responsibilities to his Master


– To obey Him


– To devote your time to fulfilling His needs


– To live up to the maximum extent of your capabilities to His expectations


– To accept that He is more than just your Master and has a life outside of BDSM


– To fulfill the terms of the Contract you sign


– To protect and care for Him


– To be proud of what you are and to whom you belong



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