Package delivered

At my Master’s command, I arrive as instructed


The date and time was scheduled


I travel light as requested. I bring no luggage either for the body or for the mind



I come to be taken. I come to be taught. I come to become His slave


I am scared


I come guided by faith. My faith in Him. My faith in my choices


I come to be put to the test


I believe. I have to. I believe this is right


I trust. Nothing is gained without trust, without surrender


I come to surrender myself to Him. I come to give Him my trust


I arrive at my destination by airplane. He will be waiting for me at the gate and from the moment I see Him I will be his to command. No doubts should be in my mind by then



The airplane touches the floor. I arrive in my final destination


I leave the plane and walk my way to the gate


One last breath of this false freedom I live. Free but bound to the desire to be someone’s property, devoid of will except for the will to serve



That will happen today



The gate opens. Among the crowd I see a face that is familiar. I see Him. He looks like a normal guy. Nothing to make him apart from the rest


Doubts float my mind. The choice to quit comes to mind. Losing the money for the trip, the time of planning, the long conversations where I exposed myself to Him. The decision I took and the battle I had with my fears


I cannot afford to go back. If I do I will have to quit this quest. I will not have the strength to restart again



This is not a choice



I go and I address him





He has a bag and hands it to me


He walks me to the bathroom giving me instructions. To go inside the bathroom and from there to the toilet. To lock myself there and read the letter inside the bag. It will tell what I have to do


He will knock three times and I will have to reply that I am ready. I will have fifteen minutes to comply or He will leave me there


He asks me if I understood. I reply


Yes Master



I step inside as ordered


Locking the door behind me I sit and find the letter as I was told. The instructions read as follows




In this bag you will find the following items


– a bag

– a hooded sweatshirt

– a pair of trousers

– a chastity device

– a bottle of lube

– a condom

– a butt plug

– a bag of paper tissues

– a chain

– two opened padlocks

– a pair of handcuffs

– no keys


Proceed as instructed


1st. Remove the first bag that keeps all the items inside


2nd. Remove All items of clothing of your body. Fold them and put them inside the big bag. Keep the footwear to use after you are redressed


3rd. Put the chain around your neck. Lock it with the padlock


4th. Dress yourself with the sweatshirt and the trousers supplied


5th. Use the lube on the inside of the tube for your dick of the chastity device. Place the device on your cock and lock it in place. Use the chain to secure it in place and use the padlock to close the chain when it is correctly placed


6th. Grab the condom, open it and place it on the butt plug. Lube it and insert it in your ass. Use the tissues to clean you hands and whatever is dirty


7th. Pull your pants up and fix your clothing in place


8th. Grab the handcuffs and put them on the pockets of the sweatshirt. Put the small bag inside the bag along with all items used


9th. Unlock the door, put your back against it to keep it in place. Place your hands inside the front pockets of the sweatshirt and lock the handcuffs around your wrists. Wait for my arrival as instructed. When I knock at your door you will answer as ordered and move to the side so I can open the door


There will be no escape


You have fifteen minutes to comply


Be careful manipulating everything so you don’t arouse suspicions


Take this step. Become My slave




Master Joseph




One thought crosses my mind


What have I done




Now I am really scared



My desire to run away is the only thing in my mind


Should I do this. Can I talk Him into not doing this. To do this on a safe place with no one looking


There is no option. No negotiation. These are His terms. They are not mine. It is not my part to control


Time is counting. He will not wait


I have to comply if I am to be His slave


I do



I proceed as ordered


I undress myself keeping my sneakers on. I put the chain around my neck and lock it in place with the padlock


I close it. It feels cold. But my heart is warm and racing in my chest


I dress myself with the pants and the sweatshirt. It has an opening to join the hands. Nothing seems left to chance


I grab the chastity device. It has a curved tube and a handcuff to keep it locked in place around the cock and balls. I lube it as requested and I try to put it in place on my half hard cock. A chain wraps around my hip locked with the remaining padlock


I grab the butt plug, lube it and squeeze it inside my hole. A hard-on tries to come out but is put in place by the metal cage wrapping it


I grab the final item and prepare myself, putting everything in place. I open the lock on the door, place my back against it and close the handcuffs in place



And I wait. Seconds seem like hours. Every sound startles me


I hear people coming it and out and I tremble thinking it might be Him



I hear slow footsteps coming my way. Three knocks against the door. I speak


I am ready



I step aside


He opens the door. He does not stare at me. He grabs the bag from the floor. He says


Come. Follow me


He open the bathroom door signalling me to move


I follow



He walks beside me guiding my steps. Leaving the airport. Boarding the subway. Moving among the people riding it


He does not say idle chat. Just commands


This is our exit. Move





We walk for a while and head towards an old building. He opens the door and leads me inside His house. It is a small apartment in the middle of the city. The place where everything will happen


My new home



He walks me into a room. A dark room. He puts a gag in my mouth and closes my eyes


He places himself behind me and grabs my arms. He whispers in my ear


On your knees


I obey



My sneakers are removed and my clothing is cut down. I can feel it slowly stopping to cover my body


I am naked



My gag is removed. My eyes unbound. He sits. Staring at me


Between us a bench. On top a blank piece of paper and a pen. He speaks




I pick up the pen. He speaks


Slave Contract



I write words that bind my action from this day forward


I place my signature bellow


He signs



He looks at me. He says


You are now My slave


I respond




I am




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