Slave Contract

Contract of Slavery and Submission


I, (your name), surrender by my own free will to my Master


I surrender myself to You


I know of my rights


I know of my responsibilities to You


From (begin date) until (end date) I will be for the sole use of my Master


I surrender my identity, my desires and my fears


I come to lose myself from the world only to be found by You


I will wear Your collar proudly as Your slave


I expect no release


I come to be bound


Your likes are my likes


Your limits are my own


My body is yours and my mind will follow Your Commands to the best of my abilities


I will hold no barriers between us


My mind will be as naked as my body


I am Yours


I will submit to Your training with pride, both in pleasure and in pain to Your Satisfaction


May I grow to become a better slave in Your Guidance



The slave




The Master








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