Faulty design pattern

As time goes by a pattern continues to emerge among those that come to contact me



This pattern comes in the form of an invitation


A nice face, a good body, promises of commitment and evolution


Words are exchanged and interest is risen


Then contact is lost


Profile erased


Only to appear again and again



This is a curious pattern


But a foolish one



Nothing good is achieved in this path


Building a profile to expose yourself demands time


Making the connections with those that may suit you demands more time and more effort


And the cycle continues



You may think that because there are a large amount of profiles and people that offer their services that may suit your needs that you will find among them one that fulfills all your desires


You will find that there are a finite amount of people that you may contact that fit your needs


You may try it with a premium account and make the search criteria to your exact specifications


From those remove all that are too far away for you to reach


Then remove those that you have already contacted and found to be imperfect in your eyes


Your world will become smaller and smaller



You may think that anonymity will protect you so that you can try again and again until you find what you are looking for


But you are mistaken



This pattern is recognizable


Age, location, photos, ideas, words within words, contacts


They will in the end give you away



Time goes by quickly


Each time you destroy what you made time is lost


Each time the pattern is repeated it will be more easily recognized


And as a disease you will be put somewhere where you will make no harm


A fake



At each new try more doors are closed


Until there are no more doors to open or no more strength to open another door



What is true survives the passing of time



Lies and deceits are rarely written in history books


Those that do will never be seen with good eyes however good the intentions might have been



My advice to you that live in this pattern


Set your goals smaller but achievable


Don’t ask for perfection


Be perfect



Forge yourself into what you want to be or surrender yourself to those that can take you to your full potential



But try


For real


And don’t waste my time


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