The Menu – Explained

I once set up a wish list to filter out wannabe slaves that is as follows


I seek slaves:


a) Within the 21-59 age range

b) Fit (slim, average, defined or muscular) with a BMI (body mass index) under 24 and under 90kg

c) Non smoker and non drug user (that also includes poppers)

d) Passive or versatile in sex

e) Portuguese or English speakers

f) Healthy (that means properly medicated if you have any condition that requires it)

g) Dance / yoga / military / martial arts backgroung


Item g) is preferential


The rest is not



Every master has a set of preference regarding what slaves they are interested in


My tastes are simple, compared to others out there as I bear little restrictions regarding age and race, although regarding genders I only take male slaves



My restrictions exist for practical reasons and this is my little explanation as to why they exist


Let’s begin



a) Within the 21-59 age range


Anyone below legal age should not participate in this game for obvious reasons


In fact I consider most slaves below the age of 30 to be unreliable regarding true slave training, but I still have the expectation that one will one day prove me wrong


Above 60 there are issues regarding fitness of both body and mind to consider, but I have had slaves gone above the 50 barrier that would put to shame many twenties and thirties



b) Fit (slim, average, defined or muscular) with a BMI (body mass index) under 24 and under 90kg


How to see if someone is fit… well there is a thing called BMI – body mass index that can give an estimate on to how you are in terms of health


There are many sites that can give you such information such as this one


It is not a perfect indicator, but a good enough approximation without seeing any picture of you or having a misguided body information on the profile



Many write their body type as defined being slim, while others write defined or muscled being merely fat


I will not delve into the reasons for this, but it happens very often


My game is one directed at healthy performers


If I want to do all practices such as forced workouts, long bondage sessions with tricky suspensions and intense emotional episodes, I do not want to concern myself with you having a heart attack in the middle of a session or having to stop the training because you do not have the strength for any more


Regarding the 90 kg restriction, I am a lightweight master and although I am stronger than most would assume, I know my limits and I know the resistance of my equipment


If you go beyond that weight or that I will be able to prevent you from falling if that happens



I take my slave’s security very seriously and I will not place you in any life threatening practice



c) Non smoker and non drug user (that also includes poppers)


Some find the idea of being smoked at or smoking during a session enjoyable, but I do not


I am a non-smoker and as such I despise the idea of hosting smokers that do so inside my house


This is a non-negotiable term that I set forth


Regarding the legal and illegal drugs, you can also take a look at a previous post I made regarding the why I do not allow them



d) Passive or versatile in sex


Even though BDSM is not about sex, I also enjoy myself having sex with slaves from time to time


As I play the active one in this game, I will not give much attention to your cock, except perhaps to torture it


The exchange of sexual energy between the participants in this game is also an interesting play to do


I may be able to live without fucking you in a training, but if I am ever to own you that is a barrier you must break before being taken



e) Portuguese or English speakers


Breaking barriers is a part of the game, but if we can’t communicate properly that won’t be easy to accomplish


The Contract is hand written and the words are dictated to you


If you can’t write or understand what is written in the Contract you will sign, what is the point of having you


The first training period is too short to be losing time trying to figure out how to convey my message to you


That small amount of time is all that I have to establish a connection with you and when I will have to focus my attention more intensively in you to make sure all goes smoothly


Success or failure hang by a thread on the first slave training


I do not wish to risk it when we both have much to lose



f) Healthy (that means properly medicated if you have any condition that requires it)


I have had throughout the years slaves with HIV, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, physical disabilities and mental conditions


There are special cares to be taken so that our actions pose the least amount of risk to our lives and to those around us



In my point of view, living a life to the fullest does not mean living foolishly


The more time you live, the more experiences you can get and the longer you can share a life with someone, being that a Master or a partner



Regarding sex, I do not do unsafe sexual activities with my slaves, owned or not


Respect among players means caring for the safety of each other


If I don’t like your performance, I want you to leave with what you have and not take souvenirs that can physically and emotionally attach you to me


If I do like you, I want you to stay with me as long as you can



That being said, the barrier is not the illness but the man that holds it


I have been able to cope with them without any problem


Being able to accept it and to live with it is a job that must be done by you alone



Not being informed prior to your visit of any condition that you have will represent a lack of trust that may terminate your connection to me


Not being medicated and posing a danger to me and to yourself will not be tolerated



g) Dance / yoga / military / martial arts background


The perfect slave is one that is able to follow any orders


That means being able to endure difficult situations, tough positions, an hierarchy Master/slave even without active enforcement and being able to live with mental and physical rituals that have to be performed by you during your slave life


As such, having previously endured activities that demand constant routines and continued practice can give you the edge needed to interest me and therefore allow you to experience more on your training towards that goal


It is nevertheless a “nice to have”, but we both can live without it



Having said all this, I have had slaves in the past that did not fit my requirements


The standards are set, but I allow small deviations if I feel in you the motivation to go forward and I can see myself as someone that can put you on the correct path


Nevertheless, the more you progress in my trainings, the more I will demand from you


That means that any “slack” I give on the first contact will disappear before the final stage comes



My path is never easy, but it is always fun