Message in the bottle

A new year has started where the ashes of the previous one is laid to rest



Wishes have been made at the sound of the midnight bells



Some of them require divine intervention to come true


Others more mundane require only a willful mind and a commitment to what needs to be done



There are no easy paths


Nothing comes without a price



A choice is made at each crossroad


No walk should start without a map to what lies ahead


To what you will find at the end of your journey



No path should be started without the strength to do so


Without these you will walk random


Only luck will keep you from getting lost along the way




For those that have already set their paths in my direction, I will welcome you soon


For those that have yet to decide on what path to take, I hope that in this new year you will be able to find your wish at the end of the tunnel



Clear your minds from all doubts


Gain the knowledge you lack to take the next step forward



Do so with the confidence required to not regret it afterwards



This is my wish for you all


Happy New Year