The five stages of slavery – Acceptance

Hello masters and slaves



We are gathered here today to give our final words to the soul of the man who was once the beast


He has gone to a place where few men have dared to go



We will miss him


Or not



As an unknown man on an unknown place would never have gathered such a interested crowd to listen to his story and willing to see the beast he once harbored within his heart


But for the most curious ones, I give you how it came to this place for all of you to see and a chance to admire what it has become



Listen to the beginning of the end of its story


It will be worth it



The beast has taken over the body of the man he once was


The numbness from yesterday still remains in the mind


The night was a troubled one



The dreams it had, seemed as real as life


They had both form and sustenance now


And they called out for it



They were neither pleasant dreams nor nightmares


But they gave it no rest


No rest for the wicked ones, some would say



Everything it touched now seemed strange, almost unreal


The soft bed, the soundless rooms


It all did not seem to be his



The cold shower brought no relief to the fire that was burning inside


The breakfast was tasteless and colorless like eating dirt from the floor



It dressed up for work as it did everyday


The clothing felt uncomfortable, almost suffocating


But there was no more time to spare


It was already late to go to work



It picked up the transportation to get to work


The people felt strange, like they were puppets on a string, pretending they were really alive


Some of them acted as if they did not see it, while others looked at it, with empty eyes


Cold and lifeless



That coldness seemed to want to enter it


All it wanted was to run away from that


But it stood strong and endured



It arrived at the office where he sat on the desk, returning to that maniacal work it has been doing before


Those that knew it before came over and asked if something was wrong



Everything is fine it said, pretending that it was


But it wasn’t



It felt wrong



Time went its usual way






Until exit time finally arrived and it went back to the cage it called home



He looked at the dark empty house


It seemed better that way


It found a corner to place itself and laid there




Thinking about what had happened and was going to be its life from now on


Facing the numbness of everyday life



It needed answers that it could not find on its own


It found the mobile on its pocket and called the only number that could be of some help



A meeting was set on a park


The beast sat on a bench


Lost in its mind, trying to figure out what to say and what to do



The one he called for came


Greetings were exchanged and they sat down


The beast tried to explain the best it could what it felt inside



He heard its story in silence


When it ended, there was nothing to hear but the sound of the wind



He looked into its eyes with a deep strong stare


– I have seen many slaves in my days


– Those that have touched and embraced their dreams have found real life too dim


– But perhaps that was already their perception and the reason why they decided to take this route



– You have to find purpose in your life… or you have to find relief from your life


– What was learned cannot be forgotten


– All you can do now, is to go forward from this point


– Choose the life you want to live or to live both lives



– If you choose a life of servitude, you will have to accept the loss of friends, family and everything you have built in your life


– If you choose a life without servitude, the numbness will go away eventually but the desire will grow inside


– You will have to be vigilant not to let it show its head, as it will seek to destroy the new cage you will have to build


– If you live a double life, you will have to figure out the balance between them


– Living both lives to the fullest demands an effort that few can take



– Make the best choice you can


– I cannot make that choice for you


– If you aim to be all that you can be, I can take you down that road and give a purpose to that life



– Whatever your choice is, you will have to accept it


– You can change the choice you make if you can’t take it


– But be warned that nothing will happen without consequences



He left and the beast was alone with its thoughts



A choice was made


And we are here today



If you have found the story to your interest, step right up and see the show


Watch how the beast was tamed by his Master’s hand


See all that it has learned


All that it has become



I give you no assurance that this show with have a happy ending


But I can assure you it will mesmerize you like the sirens’ song



So come inside and be amazed


You will want to see it never end



To finish – the final step


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