Blog’s first anniversary: The experience – A first person account – Master’s side notes

I will give you my thoughts regarding this set of posts that I transcribed and translated



First and foremost, the contents of the text are 95% of the original posts that my slave made



The 5% that I added were small corrections, a change of the dynamics of the text so it could be more readable and some extra context information that was lost when he wrote it and that I saw of interest in adding to the benefit of the readers



But these were his words nevertheless



Unlike the Package Delivered story that became a real event for some of my slaves, this one was a recollection of the events that happened during one of my trainings that became a written story



What is there to grasp, you may ask



The aim of my trainings is not the sex that comes with it


For that, you do not need to come that far to have a master


You can just have a boyfriend, a buddy or one-time with someone you find somewhere near you




The aim of my trainings is also not the pain and the torture at someone’s hand


You have done no harm to me to deserve it



And I do not require a piece of meat to pound to feel any gratification


The aim of my trainings is not providing you a body to adore



A slave should come looking for a Master to serve and to learn all that he can from that experience


To connect on a deeper level, transcending both pleasure and pain


Finding peace amongst all the chaos that surrounds him


Finding me as the safe ground where he can face all fears and become stronger from facing them



My true goal is the destruction of all barriers within until I can have the total surrender of a slave in my hands


There is no need to use a hammer when you can use a feather


But you are required to know how to use both



Some of my previous slaves may recognize what is described in this recount of events


It is part of the initiation training I perform for newcomers


There are common elements between in those trainings, but none is exactly the same


What they have lived with me is the bond that connects them



No slave is exactly the same


Each slave has different needs and those needs require different ways to approach them



Anyone can use a tool to do a job


You can do it poorly and try to forget about it, or you can do it with perfection and be proud of what was accomplished



Practice makes perfection


And the more practice you have the better the task is done



I am not perfect and do not aim for that


But I am experienced enough to know what needs to be done and how it should be done




Success is achieved when a heart is changed and a lesson is learned


This Contract and the training that came with it have ended




The next step is not up to me to choose for him


His path is his own, as is of any slave that searches me out, when the Contract reaches its end



But a doorway is opened a bit more, allowing him to explore more and with more confidence until he finds in his path amongst all possible choices



What should you choose to do


And for that choice, how far are you willing to go to break the chains that lock you up



That is up to you to discover



Have a merry Christmas


And may Santa bring you what you need




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