Blog’s first anniversary: The experience – A first person account – Part three

At the scheduled time, I was at my Master’s home and politely invited to enter.


He took me into his room.



He gave me his command.


– Strip down.



And he left.


I did as requested.




Shortly after he returned.


– Put my boots on.


– This time the session will take more time to prepare than to actually have action.



For me, the time of preparation was and is practice time.


The time he takes to take items in and out of his boxes and try them on me is both very erotic and stimulating.


He first selected a chain to put around my neck big enough to suit me. Having it placed in the proper location he removed the chain around my ankle and placed the removed lock on my neck chain.


Afterwards, he placed a metal belt around my waist to which he placed a chastity device. This device has a metal tube with a small opening for pissing.


My penis was completely tight inside the tube. Shortly after, I got an erection and my skin got caught in the piss opening. Any touch on that opening revealed itself very painful as he demonstrated me.


Afterwards he placed on me an arm-binder and my arms were very tight behind my back. My hands stood at my ass level inside the sleeve.


He bent me over the bench and opened up my legs. He touched and kissed giving me pleasure, but shortly after I found myself penetrated by what I realized after was a butt plug.


The pain from its entry was so intense that I had to get up.


It was only later that I realized that the device had a vibrating system as it had a wire linked to a remote hanging from my ass.



Right after the pain, my Master caressed me as he leaned over. I could feel his hard cock against me and I surrendered myself to his cares, would almost say cuddles that he was giving me.


He dressed me afterwards with a black aviator’s zipped suit and closed it all the way to the neck. He placed a thick winter’s jacket and a black hat.



– Come.


– Let’s take a walk.



He directed me to the house door and walked with me out of the building and into the street.


– Walk slowly by my side and watch where you put your feet. I don’t want you to fall.



We walked up the street not saying a single word.


He took me to a empty street where he stopped. He placed me against a wall and looked me in the eyes.



– This is where the game begins.


– You will count for three minutes. It’s 180 seconds to count.



– Afterward,s you will walk to the garden up ahead. I will be waiting for you near the underground parking lot.



He opened my jacket, turned on the vibrator and closed it back again.


– Start counting.



And he left me.


Alone in the dark.  With a highly suspicious look. Unable to move my arms with my ass shaking from the plug. And I could not see him anymore.


I start the count.



– One… two…



I have to confess that I was restless from this situation.


There was no place to go except forward. Trying to make myself invisible to others and hoping that he will be there when I arrived.



– …one hundred and eighty.



I started my walking watching my step as I would be unable to get up if I fell.


I kept walking until I arrived at the designated location, but he was nowhere to be seen and I could not stop. Where is he ?



Out of the blue, he came from behind me.


– Very well.



– These must have been the worst three minutes of your life. But you managed to do it.


– I had been watching your route. You were not in any real danger, except for the perception of danger in this situation.



He pointed the way.


– Come.



While we walked, he spoke of the experience of this 3 day training and his vision of its purpose.


– In this life you have two types of people around you.



– You have the ones who don’t care shit about you. And the ones who care for you.


– The ones that do, only want the best for you. But in the end, only you know what is best for you.



– Retain what you want out of this experience, of this game, of your life.


– Find out what fulfills you and go for it.



– Sex is not the aim of this game. The real reward doesn’t come from there.


– It is up to you to find out what is.



We arrive at his house, to the place where it all began.


He removed the items I had been dressed with, piece by piece. Like in a ritual, he caressed each part of my exposed body as it became exposed. Only the chastity device remained in its place.



– Now you will feel what it means to get fucked and not be allowed the pleasure of it.


He handcuffed me and placed a isolation hood made of leather over my face, with only a small hole over the mouth.


I was left there with nothing to see or hear and positioned on my knees.


I felt his hard cock entering my ass with all his strength.


He lifted me up, laid me down, turned me over and placed my body in all possible positions while fucking me, over and over. My tight penis locked away on the chastity device stopped reacting to the stimulation and I ceased to get an erection.


My anus got all the attention it needed.


Perhaps in time I can get my focus on my ass and get my exclusive pleasure from it. But this time the discomfort was bigger than the pleasure.



A few minutes had passed and he positioned me on my knees with my hands on the floor behind my back, leaving my chest up and exposed.


Shortly after I felt something warm dripping over it and I understood that my Master had ejaculated over me.



He cleaned me over and unlocked me from all my restraints. He helped me up and placing himself in front of me gave me a full body hug to which I gave myself with pleasure.


I thanked him with all my heart for the experience that he gave me, for his dedication and commitment that allowed my full surrender to happen.


He told me to get dressed and left.



He returned when I was ready. He handed me over the chain he had locked around my neck with the padlock and gave me as a souvenir from the experience that had ended on that moment.


The padlock was handed with one key, being the other in his care next to the other ones of my slave brothers that had gone before me.


He told me the moment I wanted to return I would only have to have the chain and the lock and I would get the chance to learn more.


He led me to the door.



We said goodbye and I left.



The Contract was over and I was free again.



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