Blog’s first anniversary: The experience – A first person account – Part two

The chain that I bring around my ankle is starting to annoy me.


I understand now how the chastity device that was to be placed on me would have been really bothersome and I am relieved that it didn’t happen.


The chain is really doing its work as a castration device. I had a sexual proposal from someone I would really enjoy being with, but as soon as I remembered that I had a chain tied to my ankle I gave up the invitation… it works.



As for the surrender… I have double feelings.


One side of me just wants to deliver myself again without reservations as I made in the first session. On the other, I do not have the desire to surrender to a master that does not attract me sexually.



I feel like letting myself go in his arms and not do anything except follow him with all of my essence.


This feeling of surrender is similar to the one you feel as you rest in the lap of someone you hold dear in your heart, like a mother or a father. You know that he will protect us and we just accept how they are and whatever they do.



I was left with a little souvenir on my ass from the spanking of the last session … just a little small one. I imagine that the pain that will be inflicted on me will be greater than on the first session. Just by thinking about it gives me a hardon, even though it also scares me a lot.



Two days have passed and it has come the time for my second training with my Master.


I was more confident than before and came prepared to serve him without reservations.



When I arrived he took me to the room like the last time and on the floor there were some items over the red carpet. A pair of handcuffs and ankle cuffs and a blindfold.


He told me to strip down, place myself on my knees on the carpet, place the items that I see on myself and to close the handcuffs with the arms on my back.



I got an erection just from hearing his command.


Afterwards he closed the door and left me there to prepare myself.



I did as ordered.


Placed myself naked on the carpet with the cuffs and blindfold.



Long minutes passed before he came for me.


I was left there in the dark and took the time to breathe and focus myself on the Game that was about to start.



I felt him come into the room.


He touched me slowly several times over my body. This time I searched out for him, to feel him.



He took his time preparing things, entering and exiting the room until all was set, touching me constantly to which I responded affectionately with my body.



He started to stimulate me with several items touching my body. Cold heavy chains, sharp objects, pinching my nipples and touching several sensitive areas. In an instant my penis responded with an erection and I started to shake and having little spasms over my body.


Afterwards, he carefully lifted me from the floor and he left me there standing and blindfolded as he was preparing the room. I could hear the chains and the boxes being dragged on the floor.


He sat me on a straight bench and laid me over it. He placed the leather restraint on my wrists and ankles that he chained to the bench leaving my arms over my head. He locked a bar to my feet so that I could not close my legs and there I was in that awkward and vulnerable position.


He took the blindfold off and I was able to look into his eyes as he was sitting next to me.



– We are going to play a game, slave. A very simple game with very simple rules.


– You say a number between one and ten. The rule is that you cannot repeat the numbers.


– You may stop the game at any time if you cannot not take anymore.



– Do you understand ?



I replied.


– Yes Master.



– Then tell me a number between one… and ten….


And I told him my number.



– Three.



He reached under me and grabbed a plastic bag. There were clothing pegs in it.


He opened the bag and slowly took three of them, that he placed on my chest.



– …And now I begin.



He reached for the first one and placed it on my chest. I could feel the pinching on my skin that slowly began growing into pain that I replied to with a moan.



– …One…



The remaining two were placed in different parts of my body each one with its own painful signature in my mind.



– … Three.


– Very well.



He stopped. He reached to the floor and grabbed a small bottle from which he took a liquid that placed on his hand.


He looked at me:



– A little bit of pain… a little bit of pleasure…


And began stroking my erect cock.



– Do you want to continue ?



I replied.



– Yes…


And he asked me again.



– Then tell me a number… between one and ten.



He took his time saying the words, as if he wanted me to understand what he was saying.


I wanted to feel all that I was entitled to. And I ended up saying ALL the numbers he let me, without repeating a single one. At each time the countdown ended the same words were spoken and I was greeted with another moment of stroking. And the same question of the next number of my desire.


All over my body there were pegs. Arms, chest, torso, nipples, belly, scrotum, nut sac, legs. Forty pegs were stuck to them.


At each number the sensations grew over my body and by the time I got to the masturbation point I could no longer distinguish between pleasure and pain.


My cock was erect the whole time.



When the countdown ended he reached to me.


– Now the game will really begin.



He grabbed his metal ruler and began hitting the pegs like he was playing an instrument.


I moaned at each passage.


The pegs were stretching the skin in all directions and I was forced to take some deep breaths as the pain was almost unbearable.


It was my song for his ears.



He stopped playing with me and threw away the ruler. He grabbed two of the pegs.


– Now it is time for me to count.



– One…



– Two…



And he pulled out the first with one hand and the second with the other.


And he continued to another pair…



– Three…



– Four…



And another… until all forty here gone.



The pain from taking them out was stronger than putting them in.


In the end he rubbed, caressed and kissed the sensitive skin all over my body, increasing the strong sensations I already had.



– Some pains come for a reason.



He released the legs from the bench but kept then on the bar. He raised my legs into the air and locked them to the chains that here hanging behind me from the ceiling.


He lubed my ass, put on a condom and penetrated me.



I was back to the sexual sensations, this time even stronger from all the stimulation I had received earlier. I began breathing intensely and increased my energy. I began to feel it spreading to my arms, torso and head and I began to twitch in pleasure. I felt an immense strength in my body, so big that it felt that I could break the chains that locked me against the wall.


As he stopped fucking me my energy went down again. And I was left there with my legs and my ass in the open air.



He unlocked me from that position and he placed a mask and a blindfold over my eyes and was left only with my mouth open.


He began wrapping me in cellophane from my feet to the waist.


As he stopped, I was almost without balance. He got a hold of me with his hands and stopped me from tumbling down.



– Trust me.


– I will not let you fall.



He returned to wrapping me until I was covered to my head, with only a hole for the mouth.


I was almost like a statue not being able to move and I began sweating and heating up.


He hold me from behind and spoke.



– This is the moment where you have to trust me.


– Do you trust me slave ?



I replied.


– Yes Master.



He began swinging me forward and backward, until I was dropped on a mattress.


Then he came over me and placed his hard cock on my mouth. He did not force it in and waited until I took the initiative of sucking him.


Which I did shortly after.



Unable to move and overheated, I sucked his cock as much as I could and I was again with an erection, now quite uncomfortable due to the plastic wrapping it.


He took his cock out and began opening holes on the plastic, first for nipples and my cock to come out and then for my wrists and ankles, that were then shackled.


He then laid over me with his body, letting his cock enter the hole where my cock went out and he just stood there, letting his weight be felt over my body.



Then he came off me and began opening my wrapping and as he did it he said:


– Like the butterfly that comes out of the coccoon to start a new life, so will you now come out of yours as a slave.



And now I was free into the open air.


He removed the mask and blindfold.


My first views were the black plastic wrapping spread around me and the cuffs connected by chains to my wrists and arms and his cock pointing to my mouth. I opened it and he placed his cock inside so that I could suck it.



When he was about to cum he removed it and ejaculated over my torso.


– This is how I brand you as mine, slave.



His warm semen began slowly draining over me.



He began cleaning me carefully so that no residues remained and removed the chains, except of course for the one around the ankle.


Then he leaned over me and we exchanged a warm full body hug.



Again I gave myself fully to this unknown man that rules over us during those moments of play.



He told me to get dressed, which I did and walked me to the door.



As I left he said:


– See you Thursday.



And I will.





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