Blog’s first anniversary: The experience – A first person account – Part one

For some time, I have been searching for a slave that would be able to recount what it was like to be a slave under my contract


Although not intentionally, one of the slaves that endured the first Contract, decided to share his thoughts about what he went through and what was left of that experience after it all ended


For your entertainment, I have decided to translate his text to English for the non-Portuguese speakers


It is not a full facsimile translation, but a close one nevertheless


For Portuguese speakers, I invite you to read from the original posts on his blog


For the English speakers, you may begin your readings




Surrender:  My experience as a slave 


I have started something that I have felt the need for a long time and that was required for my growth as a person.


A small experience into the BDSM world as a slave.


This master has offered me as a challenge for my first Contract, comprised of three short sessions to happen in separate days for two weeks.


I bring with me his iron chain locked around my ankle and whose key is kept by him until the end of the Contract.


Besides this item, it was also established that I would wear a chastity cage on my penis, but due to some anatomical difficulties I was left loose locked to my personal promise not to have any sexual contact alone or with anyone else.


I have to say that I was relieved by not having to wear it for the duration of the training, but at the same time I felt disappointed as I had prepared myself for such a task. I had felt aroused by the idea of being cock locked even though I had read from the internet that it would give me constant erections that would have become painful reminders of my slave state.


I’ve had my first session yesterday. It came a bit unexpected as I had scheduled with my master to start next week, but as an opening appeared, he asked me if I wanted to take the chance.


I accepted, of course!


As I walked to his house, I could feel my heart beating rapidly and an emptiness on my stomach as I faced a route through a path unknown to me. There was a feeling of hesitation mixed with the excitement.. plenty of it.


He opened his door and gave me his greeting with a polite handshake and then drove me to a small room with only a small window high above. The room was mostly empty, except for a big chair and a small red carpet where he placed me.


Sitting down, he told me to strip and to kneel in front of him. I complied with his commands and was left there looking at his feet.


He asked me if I was sure that this was what I wanted and that I would not regret this choice afterwards. I reassured him that I was confident about taking this and that i would not back away.


He seemed pleased with my answer.


He got up and went to fetch a book from which he took some blank pieces of paper. He placed them at my feet along with a pen.


He asked me to pick up the pen and start to write his words.


I complied.


His words were the words that would bind my actions from this moment forward that I write below.




Slave Contract


I, (my name), surrender my body and my mind to my Master.


I do so by my own free will and give myself without any barriers to you.


I deliver myself in your hands to learn all that I can.


I will accept both the pain and the pleasure and I will serve you with all that I am.


I will follow this Contract until the very end and I will not regret this decision.


I give myself to you. May you feel pity for me.


The slave


(my signature)


The Master


(His signature)


Duration: Three sessions to happen over the period comprised of two weeks, starting of today, the 23rd of November of 2013




He took the book along with the Contract that I had written.


He placed himself behind me and planted the chain on my ankle and that I must carry day and night.


A constant reminder on the Contract that binds us now.



He spoke to me of the duties and benefits of this sort of relationship. The requirement of total surrender and absolute trust in him as he is the only one that will be there for me in my hour of need. The one who can inflict pain and give me pleasure. That this surrender will supposedly provide me of freedom.


Freedom from my stigmas, my social roles and the masks that I use to hide myself. That this surrender will help me better know myself.


Having explained the basics, he began preparing me for the training, placing a collar around my neck and restraints on my wrists and ankles.


He locked my hands behind my neck to the collar and placed me against the wall.


He asked me if I could count to twenty.


I replied affirmatively.


He told me to count on his mark.


Without seeing what happened came the first whip on my ass burning the flesh.


I counted.






One whip came after the other. Each one coming on opposing buttocks or both. Taking its time.


In between this he played with me, touching and kissing the burning flesh and he leaned over me letting my body touch his as I faced my torment.


As I approached the end, I got a chance to see the instrument of my torture. A metal ruler.


My body began to shake as the sexual energy grew in me and I fed it with my circular breathing, connecting each inhale and exhale.



The whips ended. He left.



And I was left there against the wall. Still shaking.



He returned shortly, without saying a word.



He prepared me for the next training.



He placed me on my knees with a small bench under the chest, locking my wrists to the legs and putting a cloth mask over my face, leaving only an opening for the mouth.



Ice started touching my back and ass closely followed by drops of hot wax. The swapping of the intense cold and the extreme warm over my body connected to the breathing and the helplessness of the position I was in, with my exposed anus and all locked up, helpless, intensified the sensations that I felt.


Then came the time when he opened my ass hole, first with his fingers followed by dildos. 



Then his cock came inside me. 


From that moment forward I began to give myself fully expressing my pleasure with my body even as he was still torturing me.


And I felt pleasure. Waves of pleasure went all over my body. 


And I wanted more, more sensations. Pleasure or pain. I didn’t care.


But it ended.



He left me again alone on the room, still locked in the same vulnerable position, surrendered to my spasms, to my feelings.


He returned to prepare me for the next training.



The mask from my face was removed and words were exchanged.


My hands and feet were locked by chains while I stood on my knees.


He sited in front of me on the chair with a hard cock at my face level. He stood there stroking himself as I watched.


I understood I was there to serve him and give him pleasure.


I reached to him with my mouth and took his cock in me, for as long as he wanted.


Then he went for my nipples and as he enjoyed himself torturing them he came, letting him cum drip on me.



I let myself lean next to him as if I was on the lap of someone that takes care of us, nourishes and provides for our needs.


And the session reached its end on that moment.




He cleaned me, unlocked me and told me to get dressed.


When I finished he took me to the door and he remembered me of the next meeting as I left.



As I examine what happened yesterday, I see that there is much more to it than just the actions of punishment and sexual satisfaction.



During the entire time he always took me with special care, helping me sit or get up and never hit me in an uncontrolled fashion.


Each time there was pain he did it in a calculated way almost like it was a cuddle. He did it like someone who takes care of something precious, something he likes and cares for.


The moment that I understood that, I was there to give him pleasure and that we would give me back more in exchange whatever form that might be, was the moment that I allowed myself to take pleasure.


The feeling of letting go was truly liberating. Knowing that I would not need to fight, would not need to take possession, would not need to be the person that I took into that room.


He told me in the end that he would bring in the open what there was of the most sincere in me.


I am ready to give myself even more on our next session, that is scheduled for tomorrow.



I was left completely energized after the session. I was left to do my mundane tasks afterwards and I woke up today even more centered than before.



May tomorrow come soon for our next encounter.



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