Xmas is coming – Pictures from the workshop

Do you consider yourself a good boy or a bad boy


Good boys stay at home playing with themselves…


… and bad boys come out to play



Here’s a small visit inside Santa’s workshop to see what you can play with



The hardware to hold you to


Pictures from the workshop


and the software to keep you tight and busy for the night


Pictures from the workshop


I made an effort to fit everything in two pictures, but the proportions got a little lost along the way


Not everything is there of course… just the enough to fill the room



Nevertheless, I had to take two pictures as I could not fit even half on one


Properly placed the items that you see crammed in the room would occupy four times the space



The gear keeps growing year after year, according to my ideas for the trainings of my slaves


Some items are hand made for one occasion and others reused



If you want to see what they can be used for, then you will have to come to me to find out



Let’s see what Santa can bring for you… next year



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