The end of the rainbow

I have seen many stories unroll in my time



Stories of slaves seeking new adventures with new masters, looking to try more intense situations and for longer than before


Trying out every experience in the book


Enjoying every feeling that comes from it



I would like to tell you that there will always be something more after you’ve achieved the top floor


There will indeed


But the path from that point is down



As you try out every drug in the business, the previous one seems less and less appealing and do not quench your thirst any more


This is probably the most important crossroad in a slave’s life



The options presented are


– As you cannot find any more pleasure in playing it, you quit


– As the role you play cannot give you any more to learn, you try out the other role


– As you feel your limits have been reached, you break all safety barriers and go the extra mile


– You have found the place to stay and you decide to do so



Whatever option you choose, I will not be the judge of that choice nor should anyone other than you



Make a wise and conscious decision


Don’t regret it afterwards