The Prize – Proposed

For many slaves this is a dream


In their minds, this is perceived as the culmination of all the training they have received and all the work they made to please their Master



All dreamers deserve a dream


So I will give you one



For dreams to become real, there is a price to be paid


My price is the fulfillment of my training



The weekend


The week


The month


The 5th step of slavery read and understood



There are no shortcuts in this game


Anyone that offers himself for the prize without earning, it will be dismissed like all of those that have asked before



The price is high indeed


But without the training, you will not understand what it means to be a slave in my hands and you will not be able to endure what is implied in a long term contract



It is unfair to make slaves go after a carrot only to find it missing in the hand that was holding it


My hand holds the carrot


It is tightly secured and I will not let go until I find a slave worthy of it



In my view, this is not something that necessarily has to happen


In fact, I have no desire to provide it for any slave



This prize is reserved for the true slave


But I will allow you to see it



In the next posts you expose you to the dream