The Prize – Detailed

My original offer for a permanent slave is and will be the one specified on the post


A new Path: My offer 



You are free to re-read it if you wish




For the slave that fits the true slave ideal, I can offer something more


As I have no interest in having a slave sleeping in my house every single day, I will provide a place for you to sleep at night and to be for some hours alone in your thoughts



During the day you will be bound to work at my house



Naked and chained



In the afternoon, after all work is done, you will get a chance to exercise yourself at a gym so you can maintain your physical abilities



After the gym, you will have to return to my house and serve me again and be allowed to go to rest after dinner



During the weekends and holidays, you will be at my service for the full day


For the duration of your Contract, you will be stripped of everything you have and every moment in your life will become dependent of me



There will be no contact with your world again



Papers, money, phones will be lost and all your online identities will cease to exist or become under my absolute control


Everything you eat, drink and dress will be my decision to make


Every action you do will be mine to command


A collar around your neck and a cage on your cock will become your permanent companions on this journey



If I see fit, I will also entertain myself training you to other aspects other than slave training


Languages, martial arts, philosophy, physical trainings or any other aspect I see you lacking of I will be your trainer



My goal is to make you better in everything you do so you will be able to serve me better


That demands time and trust


Something only a long term Contract can provide



In the next post I will expose a day in the life of a slave committed in such a Contract