The alarm clock awakes me


The bed is empty aside from me in this dark place I call bedroom



A new day begins



I make my way to the bathroom to ready myself for work


On my way I pass by the training room and there is nothing there as well



Everything has been cleaned yesterday


The chains on the floor put away


The gear returned to the boxes



They are no longer needed


There is no one to use them


Life has returned to the same it was before



I wash myself and prepare the food to take to work


I go to the training room to do my morning workout


No one sits on the red rug watching me do my routine


Waiting to for it to end to dress me to receive the prize of being allowed to touch and worship me for that quick moment before I leave



No more



I get my gear and head to the station


I take my place on the train and read the news of the world



In my head lingers still the task of setting up his work for tomorrow, setting the goals to be achieved and the rewards to offer if he succeeds in pleasing me with his actions


But there is none to live up to the challenge and claim what I have to offer



The journey passes quickly while I am lost in my thoughts


I leave the train and head over to my work



The hours pass by


I look over from the window and I think about how he is


If he was able to face his old life and reject the cravings that were imprinted in his mind from the time he was at my service



A part of me desires that that memory remains within him and another desires for it to forever leave his mind so his life can continue as it were before


That he can find fulfilment in the tasks of the day as I am doing right now


It is not my place now to care for him


He is no longer under my wing



Memories are difficult to erase and it is futile to do so


What is lived must be learned to make one stronger and more able than before


That is his task now


One that I cannot help him with



The day rushes its way with nothing really done


A wasted day in memories for no use



I set myself for that station again


No one waits me there to take my bag and escort me to the train, trying to make a sort of conversation to make up for the solitude he had faced that day


He lives now his own routine in his own world



The train takes me back to my place


In my mind words swirl into a text, to be transfixed into a post, to be presented on a blog


Words made from the sweat and tears from one who has served me with all his body and mind and gave the inspiration for this small moment of connection



One that has occupied a space in my life that was made for him


An imperfect place where he learned to fill the gaps, lost from the world and all his connections


A difficult challenge to live and survive



One that was accomplished with hard work and dedication


I open the door of my house



All that is left to say is


you have made me proud