Spreading the word

Hello to all my readers



After some warming up after the big break from writing on the blog, I have put to words the ideas I have had brewing in my mind and I have already prepared some posts to publish



Nevertheless, they will not be published right now… Unless you feel the need to read them



For that to happen I will require the help of the audience



That means of course your participation



As of today this site as had have 32000 page views



From this point on, I have decided to let you all choose the pace of the presentation of the new posts



The rules are simple



For each 1000 page views, I will make a new post on the blog



You may check the posts all that you want but don’t cheat doing multiple reloads of the posts or re-entering the site just for the sake of making the statistics go up



Do your normal behaviour in checking the blog, as you usually do



I am not interested in the number of views



I am interested in raising the number of readers that read my words, that can learn from them and in doing so can grow and go after what they desire with a clear mind



That has been my focus in writing this blog over the years, more than just being a repository of pictures and demands



While in the early years there was little content to show and to attract, I believe that now the knowledge presented has consolidated itself to be useful for the general public that searches for their first experiences in this field



If what you read to this point has been helpful in some way to you, then it is time to help spread the word to those in need of it



You are free to propagate the blog by the social media or in the one to one contact between masters and slaves as a way to connect the dots between different views



More interesting than just giving out the general location of the blog, you may give out the link of the post that raised your interest in my writing or one that applies to the situation you wish to describe



Your prize for this small help will be more posts for you to read in the future with more motivation for me to continue writing for all of you



Enjoy your readings



Master Joseph