The imaginary master

In the universe of numbers, there is a greater group filled with a special kind of numbers called by its characteristics as… complex



Complex numbers can be expressed by a real part and an imaginary part



People are also complex numbers



They like to be part of a group, measure against each other and like putting labels on others and on themselves



They like holding to what is real but they like imagining things, some of them only able to live in the mind while others fought for until they become real



Doing so they are also part of the universe of things



Like everybody else, I am also complex



There is a part of me that likes imagining toys, situations, trainings, feelings and emotions felt



But I aim to make them real on the slave I select to be trained



My imagination serves as a means to achieve a purpose in real life



And my part as a Master is not imaginary




It is very real



I use the internet as a way to open the path for real things to happen



I do not find amusing the concept of virtual slaves with trainings by web cam



I consider it a poor excuse to not interact with someone in the real world



Slaves like to feel weak in the hands of a master



Nevertheless there are weaknesses that no master will find amusing



One of those is the inability to actually meet a master face to face



Some masters like that game of seeing slaves through a glass, giving commands and watching them perform



But that reminds me of fishes in an aquarium, just good enough to look at



The only advantage being that you don’t have to feed them or clean the bowl




I don’t mind being a part of your imaginary, but remember



I look for something more than that



I aim to have you