Jack in the Box

On the backyard of my Master’s home



Lies a special place for slaves like me



The reward of the ones who won the tests and trials



Of those with no place to return to



Of those that are now called His



It is an arid place



Soulless and bare



There is no sound, light or motion



A resting place for me to be



There is the darkness



There is myself



Darkness facing darkness



Both trying to chain me



When the light overcame the darkness



I became free



Free to take the life



That my Master bestows upon me



There is nothing to keep me warm



But I feel warm inside



My body naked and chained



Hugged in the embrace of my Master’s will



The Box is my sweetest dream



And is also my worst nightmare



It is the place where I have nothing



But it is the place where I have so much



It is both my crib



As it is is my coffin



It is the place where I died to the world



And the place where I was born for Him



In the Box I faced the pain



The torture and the discomfort



But it is where I found true happiness



And the place where I am to be



In the Box I have floated



Clung only to my Master’s words



Lost in time and space



Lost but never alone



It is the place where I sleep



It is the place where I became awake



It is the place that I now call home




Thank you my Master