Dish of the day

Several times over the years, I have been asked to tell slaves what happens inside my sessions



My usual answer is to see the list of keywords on my profile and any doubt regarding what is listed, the Internet can provide all the information that is required



To the non-believers or just basically lazy, here is the homework made specifically for you on a quick search on Wikipedia



Bondage –


Ass play –


Fucking –


Spanking –


Mummification –




Suspension –


Tit torture –


Candle wax –


Forced workout –


Sensory deprivation –


Clamps –


Electro –


Body shaving –


Chastity –


Milking –


Dog training –


Humiliation –


Domination –


Life trainer/coach –



As for how I make usage of the keywords, the only way for you to find out is to read the previous posts and experiment with me how my way works



What I do and how I do it does not work for all



If it did, my life would revolve around the training of slaves as a profession, but since slavery was abolished many years ago there is not much search for such a job



Either way, I would find no fun in training those that can’t run away, removed of any possible future on his own, unable to think and reason




Some things have to happen on its own, chosen by one’s free will




I expect nevertheless that you commit to what we agree upon



It is the time to not be afraid and grab the chance that I give you



Make the best of it