Darkness after the sunset

We live in a world of contrasts



In this world there is light and there is darkness



Always opposed in their eternal fight




But there is a world made of both darkness and light



Not living apart but together, joining hands in all events



Living not for the action but for what lays underneath




Opening the bottles of feelings and emotions kept for that special occasion



Exposing them to scenarios where they can be lived



Exploring the joys, the pains and the fears



Releasing the laughs and the tears that come from it



Creating an ego to let it be destroyed



Building a house to see it turned to dust



Revealing a heart to see it stepped on



Having the world in one’s hand but holding on to nothing



So that what remains can grow stronger and true



Free of masks and prejudices



To those who live in such a world, I give you my regards



To those who wish to enter, I give you my invitation




See you soon