The scripted session

I came across a lot of different types of slaves over the years



Some of them come and surrender completely allowing themselves to be taken without effort and letting things happen naturally



On the opposite side of the mirror there are those who want to know every little detail that they will see, every detail of what you will do and how you will play and that come with specific mandatory requests



While I accept that some slaves require information before committing to an event there are those that come and ask for this world and the next and maintain this sort of behaviour even after many encounters with other masters over the years



My probable guess is that this is the same behaviour they exhibit in their day-to-day life



They are the worst kind of slaves you can ever take on



Each aspect of their life is processed and decomposed in a way that is comprehensible and controlled by them



They will panic and turn against the one that takes them if a single breeze passes through their face that they could not foresee




My question to those slaves is



Can you even breathe under such conditions



I will not congratulate you for your abilities



In fact I feel pity of you



Most likely the reason that compels you to being a slave is exactly the desire to lose the control you hold so preciously over yourself, but your conscious mind is so good at ruining everything



It is true that you cannot live in total chaos, but at the same time you will not find enjoyment in a predictable life



My predictions for your life is that you will live until you die



And you will end it in a boring place doing boring things



To the masters out there that provided them with their first experiences, you are to blame for this



Only with luck will these slaves be able to find someone capable of removing the knots you have made in their minds



A session is a sacred event, only to be done to those that are ready for it and to the extent they are able to cope with



Things should happen slowly but confidently, to prove and extend the trust he deposits in you



Only that way will he be able to grow into something you can take pride in



Many masters out there take slaves as disposable assets, like they are toilet paper (to those that play scat, my apologies), messing with things they cannot cope afterwards



To the masters out there playing my advice is that at all times you play seriously knowing to the biggest extent what you are doing



Providing an environment where slaves can let go of their fears and fully trust in their master’s abilities is the master’s duty



That means playing by the rules that you set with him



Nevertheless never accept a scripted session even if they look cute as hell



You are doing no one a favour as they will have an incentive to be on the same stage and never evolve



To the slaves seeking scripted sessions, know that you are offering no pleasure for your master



If you seek control you have two options



Either you become a master and you set the rules



Or you get a prostitute to play that role as no non paid master worthy of such a title will want to anything to do with you