The perfect slave project

I wake up from my sleep



A dream still lingers in my mind



A lost soul finds its way inside my world



Still smelling of milk, looking rough and strong on the outside but young and frail on the inside



His eyes have seen too much of what this world hides, the scars showing in each look he takes, in every action he makes



Afraid of shadows and of his own desires he walks a lonely path in search of a reason to truly live, away from the bitter past that made what he is now



He looks for someone to whom he can look up to, able to hold him tight through the nightmares and that can make him grow into the man he desires to be



And that path has brought him to me



Here he is, naked, kneeling before me, signing the contract that will bind him, with full knowledge that there will be no return from this choice



I erase from his mind his past and all that came before this solemn moment, leaving only the memory of consent



I bury words of control, pleasure and punishment to keep him restrained without chains, but letting him keep his free will and full knowledge of what is planted



His own hand pushes the trigger of his transformation



His body and mind become my property to use



In exchange for such a prize I give him peace and a place he can call his home



I offer him knowledge



Philosophy, gym coaching, martial arts, languages and many more



The ability to retain all that is taught when required



I numb the senses in him



There is no taste, no smell, no cold or warm, no tiredness, no pain, no pleasure in touching or being touched by someone other than me



All that remains for him is the sense of his muscles moving, enhanced to the limit of human perception



And I give him time to train himself into the sharp tool I desire, released of all constraints that cloud the mind



I transform myself into all that he can feel



A thousand needles of pain when he disobeys or touches me without consent



His full arousal and erection at a single contact of my body into his



His full submission when his cock fights the cage that surrounds it



His caged orgasm when I cum in his body



The reward for his faithful work in my service



All of this is his as long as my chain remains around his neck



Something that he cannot remove even with the key in his own hand



Once a year I remove the chain



Letting him remember all that he lost



Letting everything mix with the reality he lived with me



And I give him the choice to forget and live in my service



Or remember and leave to never return



I lock the chain at his request



With running tears over his eyes



And make him forget once again




I masturbate to the dream but it does not make me cum



No dream is good enough to give real pleasure



Only the real thing can do that for me



But the dream grows in size and details at each stage of thought



Until it can be revealed in full detail to the one strong enough to face such a challenge



My orgasm will come when I touch the body and the mind of this one



I wish you all a happy new year



May all your dreams come true