Stories from the Blog

Hello to you all



It has been a while since I last wrote on the blog



I know that you have missed my words, and my words missed as well their spot in these pages



But it has been for a good reason




In the beginning of October I started working on a new project, one that I have concluded and set out into the world for all to see



A blog metamorphosed into a book



More than a mere repetition of the contents that you already have read here, it grew into much more




Unlike the posts of this blog, where the subjects are given in a neutral form, there you will find me into them, guiding you through all that is shown



I present you with my story as to how it all began



Besides this, the posts have been selected, corrected and ordered so that you can read everything in a much more coherent and appealing form, many of which have long retired from this blog to make way for the new ones



And new content was added to bridge all that is presented




The book has been released both on as well as Google Play if you care to search out for it




If my words have been able to reach you up to now, then I invite to take a look



And open yourself to a new path