Family ties

There are links that bind us in strange ways



We may dismiss them as play, as casual events that happen by chance



But many times it is much more than that



Those moments that we spend sharing our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions




How great, how profound, how mundane



Some of those moments were good, some of them were bad



But we faced them together




And there was no doubt in mind in whom you could depend on, with whom you could live them with



Whatever sacrifice that was made, it felt insignificant and puny when you think of the one for whom you made them for




It is true that the blood in our veins does not connect us, nor does a common surname, or even the same flag under which we swear an oath of allegiance



But bonds do not only come from such resources




All it takes is the will of the few and the desire to make it happen



And a bond made by time becomes a bond made for life




A chain that pulls you near when you feel adrift



A safe passage when there are too many dangerous paths to choose from



A place where you can forget everything that you pretend to be and just be




The home where you feel more at home



Where your true family lives



That will not let you go