A sweet to remember

At the supermarket, in the shelf of desserts you can find them



In the package you look at the picture of a delicious treat



The instructions seem easy to follow even for the most inexperienced cook



There are some add-on ingredients you have to buy if you want to do it, which you add to your cart



As you walk by the aisle you notice that the components of this dessert seem all but natural



But you think of the taste of it in your mouth and make your best effort to forget its origin



And you buy it




At home you add up everything in the specific order and sequence



Measured with the precision of a ruler and scale



In the most clean and sterile environment on Earth



And when finished you put it in the oven



To cook at the correct temperature for the correct time that is written




As the timer rings, you open up the door



And you bring the plate out



It is hot and the smell is nice



It does not look anything like the picture on the box



But you hope that the taste corresponds to the image in your mind



So you open up the refrigerator



And let it cool down inside



After dinner you take it out



And eat for dessert



It promised a lot



The taste of a delicacy… which it wasn’t



For the price of a bun… which it was



That would last for 6 servings… which did for two



And that is good



As it is what you get



From an instant pudding