Burned but tasty

A picture comes in your mind



Of something fine to eat today



It should be good, it should be sweet



As for the rest you do not care




You open your pantry and find what fits the job



Something you already know that works



As for the size and measurement



It is played by tune and not by score




The kitchen gets messy as you do as well



Moving, mixing and working with what is there



Until it seems you have it right



For the occasion at hand




You light up the oven



And you stick it up inside



Time is of no importance



As what is unknown requires diligence and care




Any tune requires a good ear



You keep a good eye on it



As well as an alert nose



Just in case something goes wrong




A little burned it comes out



But the smell is nevertheless intriguing



Hoping that the flavor will be nice



A test done by yourself




A knife to cut a piece



A slice that fits in your mouth



A bite followed by another



As for the flavor… Divine




Knowing that it came out by your own device



A creation unique and special



Some you can call yours




To do again and again