The fight

Upon the battlefield, soldiers stand face to face



A flag sets them apart, as their body and mind all stand the same



The same training, the same objective




Victory for their flag



Defeat for the other




As long as a bullet is there to be fired, so it must be fired



As long as there is sharpness in your blade, it must cut



As long as that arm has a the strength to be lifted, it must punch



As long as there is a breath to be taken, words have to be spoken



Victory or death



And the cards are set



On that fateful day, all that preparation is put to use



Uniform adjusted and tagged to the correct post, tools cleaned and set to be used, bodies strengthened to its most and minds directed towards a single goal



One adds to the next to make a squad, squads to make a platoon, platoons to make an company



Faces are filled with pride in their achievements to this point, being united by a common goal, and realization on the purpose set forth




Armed with determination and weapons in their hands they march to their destiny



Eyes and guns looking forward




The call is made



Charge to victory




The earth is revolved by the movement, dust fills the air and screams fills the ears of those willing to hear them, in a seemingly never-ending wave of destruction over everything that it touches



That wave swirls through all parts of the playing field, with each side fighting bravely for a chance to succeed




Everything is open and the odds are balanced



Until the weakest link breaks and everything quickly changes




Step by step, the scene takes a change of parts



A side forcing its path, the other trying to resist



Heated words rumble amongst those that feel the apparent loss



To stand as best as possible to try again tomorrow with a new set of soldiers, to retreat to a safer position or to give in and surrender



But surrender is never an option and retreat a last resort at best




So they decide to stand



A foolish task to be discovered



As what could not fight cannot stand the ripple of the waves




Waves that engulf those what stand in its way



Men become beast in such times



Drenched in power, no barrier stands in their way



And the waters shine bright red after the waves pass




Twilight falls upon the horizon



Peace reigns over the scene



A shallow peace still filled with noise




The sound of cries and tears



Not of those that died



But of those that await a fate worse than death




Remembering what happened



The falling of those close to them



The uselessness of their part



The foolishness of this endeavour



Not being able to make change with their actions



Powerlessness fills their beings, like a poison that doesn’t kill, but just maims




A scar that will never heal



Hidden deep within




I roam the battlefield watching these souls



Stepping over this blood filled earth



Hearing them ask for release




They look for a savior



Or in its absence



An executioner



Who can take away both the guilt and the shame




Both of those who lost



As of those who won



As they know that the glory attained is forever tainted in blood, never forgiven, only forgotten in the sands of time



And for that chance to forget



They pledge all that they have and all that they are




But that is something I will not give



As memories are what makes us



And without them we are nothing




How better it would have been



If you had fought for me



I would not have told you to kill



But to fight to become better




To train to impress me



To appease me



To fulfill me




Surrendering to become strong



Instead of stronger to make others surrender




I wish I could have taken you before that scar was made



Given a new direction to that fire that burned inside you



Instead of seeing in extinguished in barren land




All that I can offer you



Is my memory of you so you are not forgotten



And a message to those that are to take the same path as you did




To choose wisely the path they will take



Because in war there are no winners



Only those that lose a little less