On your mark

There is an incorrect assumption that slaves make coming to me



That everything will be the same with me at each stage of the training



That every step will be repeated first and then grow on that




It is true that I will place the chain around your neck for the first time



But the second time, that chain will already have to be there



If everything started from the beginning, then what would be the point of breaking up the training in parts, of setting up new goals for you to face



I would just leave it as a never-ending story



One without any challenges for you



As time progresses, that chain has to feel like it belongs there, around your neck and its key burning to be set free from your hand onto mine



That cock has to yearn for the feeling of a cage wrapping it and the release that will never find by your own desire



That ass of yours has to feel the hunger to be taken, penetrated and owned, not letting go of the one that takes it



That body has to feel the coldness when it is not next to mine




When the bell rings, nothing will block the path ahead of you, because there will only be one goal in your mind



Doing what must be done to earn the right to advance and claim the prize




There will always be barriers ahead of you, but many are not real



While others are not that tall that your legs can’t jump higher if you put your mind into it




Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and be led, trusting in the path ahead of you



But before you close them, review that path as many times as you can so that you can do it with your eyes closed




As for your reward, you will see when you arrive at the finish line