The song of the siren

I am a slave



I am nothing but a slave



I live to submit



I live to surrender



I live to obey



I am Yours




My body is Your temple



It exists to worship You



I let myself go in Your hands



Hear my prayer



Take me



I am Yours




My body is Your temple



I will keep it clean



I will keep it chaste



To be Your vessel



To carry Your will



I am Yours




Let my ears



Yearn to hear your words



Let my mouth



Yearn for your taste



As it says these words



I am Yours




Let my body



Feel the hunger



A thousand fucks



Aren’t worth even a minute with you



As all I am is Yours



And that is all I want to be




I will make my body strong



I will make my mind sharp



I will prove my resolution



To give you pride in my service



For you



I am Yours




For You



And only for You



I make this sacrifice



And set myself on this path



With nothing holding me down



I am Yours




Thank You my Master