The final piece

You open up the box



Turning the box around, you scatter the pieces



One by one, you sense the pieces around and try to find the place for them in your mind



It takes some time and patience to figure out what to do



The picture that was fuzzy and chaotic in front of you starts making more and more sense



Until it becomes clear the pieces that are needed




But when the end is in sight, there is a piece that you cannot seem to find for in your puzzle



There are many at your disposal, but none seem to fit the place you want to put it in



Some stick a bit out, others seem too short and others are just too big




The problem here is that you cannot change their shape



You cannot cut, increase or even colour them differently




What to do, you may ask, to one who has made plenty of puzzles




If you stick a piece too big, it will ruin it, so those are to be discarded



If the colour is not completely right, you find the one that is most similar to the place you want to fill



And you find the piece that is most similar in shape that can fit there




You may argue that it is cheating, as you wanted for it to look perfect



But puzzles aren’t made with replacement parts in mind



They have no number on their back that allows you to say that it is that one that is missing to order one



Even if it did, new ones are coming out everyday



Why would the puzzle company keep spares for all of them



It is much easier for you just to get a new one to make




You can’t make a piece to size



It is not your job to do so



They come as they are




You may just choose to quit making the puzzle, but so much effort has already been placed assembling it



If you really like it, why leave it there, hoping for that piece to appear



You have to work with what you have




Perhaps that smaller piece can work well in that space



Perhaps the dust of time will have the ability to help it settle in that space, firm and strong



Showing to all that that irregular piece has a place of its own on your puzzle





Original and out of place as you are



The correct piece for your incorrect desire



The best piece that your mind may find



The last one you will ever need