Time passes by quickly



Fashions have a circular life



One moment in the spotlight and the other in obscurity



Look at all-stars sneakers, skinny jeans, beards



Things that your fathers, grandfathers and in some cases, your great-grandfathers used




Two things are for sure



Things of the past have a tendency to come back



If you keep something stored for long enough, you may get a chance to use it



When the fashion returns at the end of its cycle




There is a new fashion in the market



It is called bareback



Men having sex without a condom



Men having sex, because they want to to it without a condom



Men getting together in parties for the purpose of having sex without condoms



Men who refuse to do sex with a condom




Let us look at this phenomenon, with open minds on both sides of the spectrum



Condoms are something that is around for many years, in fact even centuries



The first reported events involved using the intestinal walls of lambs, to cover the penis in the middle ages in Europe



From there up to now it became more industrialised and easily distributable, being found in pharmacies and supermarkets as well as distributed freely in some places and events



Although the original purpose of the condom was to prevent impregnation, it also allowed the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases



With the apparition of AIDS, an incurable disease that at the time didn’t have any type of medication that could stop it from evolving, many people men, women and children died



The condom became the protector of lives when there was nothing else available



And it worked




Fast forward the story to 2019



One of the medications used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS is seem as being able to protect against infection from HIV positive people



People with sexually active lives, began using it everyday



Some, together with the usage of the condom, others without it



As long as you used the medication, it didn’t matter if you were infected (treatment as prevention) or not ( PReP) you were safe to play around




Now.. is that true



The answer is.. no




That medication does not ensure 100% protection at this stage



And as for all the other STDs, 0%



I would love that there was a pill that one could take to protect against all diseases



In fact, if it existed, I would take two per day just to be sure that I am not a risk for any of my slaves




But unfortunately for now, there is no such thing



Now you may think that I am going to talk to you about hepatitis, sífilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, mrsa, sepsis, hiv resistance and the multitude of condoms available to use to protect yourself




I assume that you are a big boy and that you understand the risks that come from an unsafe behavior



What I want to know is



Why the fuck am I forced to take that same unsafe behavior just to be with you



Why half a millimeter of latex is going to prevent you from feeling my cock



Why, when you say that you have no limits, you impose one that prevents you from having safe sex with someone



Why, when you say that you will take whatever I throw at you, a small piece of rubber can make such a huge deal in your mind



Why, when you have the chance to be with someone with a lot less worries in your mind, you go above and beyond what that protection may give you just to be in an even bigger risk than before



Why, while you care not for your own safety, you cannot care for mine




My slaves are my servants



They care for my needs



And I am their Master



I care for their safety




If you want a taste of my seed or a drink from my fountain, you may ask for it



But I will never demand that from you or give it to you if you haven’t asked me for that



If you haven’t beg me for that



And that is as far as I am willing to go




If my question for safe sex gets a “never” from you



Then my answer to a possible visit to you will be the same