It is a strange and misterious number



One that has a mesmerising appeal



Some hold it casually



While others travel around the world for a chance to have it



A number that has a tendency to wrap around you like a snake



A cold blooded reptile that easily becomes warm against your skin



That shows itself in plain sight, but feels so natural on you as if it were invisible



A number bound to connect even the most distant of persons in a bond strong enough to not be broken



Without phones or electricity



A number most liked in darkness



But that looks good with whatever colour or outfit you choose



And even better with no outfit at all



A number that is hard to remove even when you know its secret



As removing it brings more pain than what your mind can take




What is the mystery, you may ask



Maybe not the number in itself, but the one who drew it



The one who placed it



The one who locked it



The one who pulled it



Pulled you close to Him



And in doing so, Left a mark where that number was



Invisible to all but to you




Perhaps this number will fit you



Perhaps this number will fit your needs



But you will never know unless you try it