Two sides of the coin

There are two types of slaves



Those who value themselves too high



Pretty, strong, fast, trained, fuckable



Those who consider themselves the lowest creatures upon this worth



Corrupt, vile, despised, ugly, unfit, unworthy




Spend less time evaluating what you see in the mirror



The only one fit to do that is me



Your judge, jury and executioner




I will see that who stands before



Weight the point that you are now and the distance I can take you



And either pull you towards me and my goal



Or push you towards a new and unchartered path



Distances can be shortened



Mind and body can be shaped



But determination and humility have to be there



It is not an easy journey ahead



And many have been lost on his path




Only if you strip yourself of all those preconceived ideas in your mind



Letting yourself be looked at, touched and tested



Will I be able to make my judgement




Keep back and you will be further away than where my hand can reach



And I will move towards a different choice



So let yourself be caught



And I will take you by my hand